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  1. Cancellations & No Shows
  2. Client Extended Absence (Absence of 3 or More Weeks)
  3. Client Punctuality & Tardiness
  4. Goals & Treatment Plans
  5. Insurance Reimbursement
  6. Make-Up Sessions

  7. Private Versus Group Therapy   8. Recitals & Performances   9. Session Length   10. Termination   11. Therapist Substitutes

Sessions canceled with less than 24 hours of scheduled appointment time are forfeited. For session cancellations, please contact both your primary music therapist & the Main office at (408) 531-6428 or (408) 445-2788 in order to have a note placed in your file. Sessions with client no-show (no attendance, insufficient notice) are forfeited. Make-ups are not offered for client no-shows and for sessions canceled within 24 hours of appointment time. Tuition credits will not be given for any session canceled within 24 hours. A therapist may choose to offer a make up session for illness or emergency situations that occur within 24 hours of scheduled time, but this is at the discretion of the therapist. In the event that the therapist is absent, a client will always be offered a make up session or a credit if a make up session time cannot be arranged.

Clients planning to miss 3 or more consecutive sessions need to give a minimum of 7 days written notice. In order to hold/keep their scheduled therapy time slot with the therapist, they will be asked to pay tuition for half of the missed sessions. Clients choosing this plan will be able to retain their scheduled slot and continue upon return. The therapist will offer make up sessions for the tuition paid during the client's planned 3+ week absence. If a client cannot attend the make up sessions, the tuition is forfeited. No credits will be given for payments made to hold a spot. If a client or family does not wish to pay tuition in order to hold the scheduled appointment slot, they must withdraw (See “Termination”), the client's scheduled session time slot becomes available, and the therapist may choose to fill the time slot. The ability to re-enroll is based upon therapist’s availability.

Tardiness (lateness) has a negative impact on a client's therapeutic progress. If a client is late to a session, the missed portion of the session is forfeited and the session will end on time. It is not possible to make up session time due to client tardiness or to extend the session past the scheduled end time.  Please plan accordingly (toileting, travel time, etc) to ensure that the client can be on time to music therapy sessions and can receive a full session.  In group music therapy sessions, tardiness impacts not only the late client, but is also disruptive to other members of the group.   Repeated events of tardiness may result in dismissal from group or individual therapy.