Music Therapy Resources

  • The American Music Therapy Association, or AMTA for short, is the go-to resource for everything related to music therapy and is the organization that unites music therapists in the USA.  There is a vast body of information related to the use of music therapy with different populations including but not limited to children in the special needs community on this website.
  • The Nordoff Robbins Center for Music Therapy the Nordoff Robbins websites contain valuable information for therapists and families alike about this approach to music therapy, resources and testimonials/stories about clients that have grown in music therapy services.

Resources For Families with Special Needs

Music Teaching Resources

  • Music and Child Development Resources - our partner, The Music Place's, list of resources for making practicing music fun, interactive websites, games, tips for getting started for the beginning musician, plus many more.
  • Scribd - great sheet music resources for tablet users, contains a vast collection with various genres and instrumental arrangements of music.  This is a paid subscription service but has a free fourteen day trial.